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One day Tour to Curonian Spit in Kaliningrad

excursion_to_curonian_spit_lebed_height alt=one_day_tour_to_curonian_spit_winter
Planning for your next vacation? A good idea for a trip is to visit one of the amazing places on the planet, the longest sand spit in the world, a UNESCO heritage site Curonian Spit. The Curonian Spit is worth a visit because of the unique natural landscapes created by nature and man. Try to discover Curonian Spit - everyone is welcome here! Where will Curonian Spit take you? Meet your good vibes here and restore your inner zen.
one_day_tour_to_curonian_spit alt=excursion_to_curonian_spit_sea_near_border
White sand and blue waters can cure any shade of depression. It seems a little far and cold, but this is not entirely true, even in winter there is something to see on the Curonian Spit.
one_day_tour_to_curonian_spit alt=excursion_to_curonian_spit_winter_time_fox
one_day_tour_to_curonian_spit alt=excursion_to_curonian_spit_winter_time
Not everyone knows that it is much easier to find amber in winter than in summer, because the yellow color of amber stands out more easily on snow than on sand.
one_day_tour_to_curonian_spit alt=excursion_to_curonian_spit_searching_amber_in_winter
Sometimes we just need to escape from your everyday routine in order to realize how special Your Life Is.
one_day_tour_to_curonian_spit alt=excursion_to_curonian_spit_meditation_escape_from_reality
Explore your mind, explore your world - there is so much on this planet to see and so little time. Start here! All it takes is ONE STEP.
one_day_tour_curonian_spit alt= excursion_curonian_spit_english_worth_to_visit
Curonian Spit is the smallest national park in Russia; to get here you need to pay an environmental fee. The total length of the Curonian Spit is 98 km. The border between the Republic of Lithuania and Russia runs in the middle of the Curonian Spit. At first the Curonian Spit was created by nature. The process lasted almost 7,000 years. ыAfter deforestation, man had to restore forest cover in order to stop the uncontrolled movement of sand dunes. This work took more than 100 years. Nowadays, 889 plant species grow on the Curonian Spit, 91 of which are introduced.
curonian_spit_sea_lagoon alt=excursion_curonian_spit

Thanks to the narrow width of the Curonian Spit National Park, you will be rewarded with a unique sights of the white wandering dunes on the one side leading to the Curonian Bay, the coniferous forest in the middle and the magnificent wild beaches of the Baltic Sea on the opposite side.
24/7 all year round we organize One day trips to Curonian Spit.

Excursion to curonian spit alt=one day tour in kaliningrad_english_guide
You are expected to meet the magical Place of Power Dancing Forest, local animals while walking the nature trails.
curonian_spit_dancing_forest alt=excursion_curonian_spit
wild deer on curonian spit alt=a tour to curonian spit in kaliningrad (1)

In addition to sightseeing, you will go out to the wild beach of the Curonian Spit to find your piece of amber. The guide will show you where to look for it.ekskursia na kurshskuju kosu alt= poisk jantarja
You will follow the ecological paths of the Curonian Spit to the highest point Efa Dune, where drifting dunes are located. 

one_day_tour_kaliningrad_curonian_spit alt= excursion_curonian_spit_englishspeaking_tourists
On the sides of the path we found traces of wild animals. 
curonian_spit_path alt=excursion_curonian_spit
And a squirrel had just had lunch on the path. 
curonian_spit_lunch_squirrel alt=excursion_curonian_spit
Interesting creatures live on Curonian Spit, they can be found on the eco-trail.

one_day_tour_to_curonian_spit alt=excursion_to_curonian_spit_caterpillar_strange insects on curonian spit

one_day_tour_to_curonian_spit alt=excursion_to_curonian_spit_lizard_strange insects on curonian spit
On another ecological route, the height of Müller, right before your eyes, the oldest 30 meter pine forest will surprisingly turn into a stunted tundra covered with lichens and moss.
one_day_tour_to_curonian_spit alt=excursion_to_curonian_spit_rout_to_mullers_height
curonian_spit_Muller_hill alt=excursion_curonian_spit
curonian_spit_muller_height_path alt=excursion_curonian_spit
one_day_tour_to_curonian_spit alt=excursion_to_curonian_mullers_height
The tour to Curonian Spit includes a one-hour walk around the resort town of Zelenogradsk.
one_day_tour_to_curonian_spit alt=excursion_to_curonian_spit_zelenogradsk
Also included in the tour to Curonian Spit a visit to Fort No. 3, built in 1979 and which was part of the defense ring of Koenigsberg.
one_day_tour_to_curonian_spit alt=excursion_to_curonian_spit_fort_ No_3
The duration of the tour to Curonian Spit is 7-8 hours and an English-speaking guide will accompany you all the time.
curonian_spit_tour_guide alt=excursion_curonian_spit
A one-day tour to the Curonian Spit includes time for lunch and amber search.

succinite_amber_baltic_sea alt=excursion_curonian_spit_tour  

At your request we can change the routes of excursions along the Curonian Spit.

Our prices for excursions to Curonian Spit and Zelenogradsk 2024  
Effective from 15 January to 30 April and from 1 October to 31 December
Individual tour for 1 person- 80 eur
2 persons: 60 eur x 2 = totally 120 eur
3 persons: 50 eur x 3 = totally 150 eur
4 persons: 50 eur x 4 = totally 200 eur
5 persons: 45 eur x 5 = totally 225 eur
6 persons: 40 eur x 6 = totally 240 eur
7 persons: 35 eur x 7 = totally 245 eur

from 1 May to 30 September 
Individual tour for 1 person- 90 eur
2 persons: 70 eur x 2 = totally 140 eur
3 persons: 60 eur x 3 = totally 180 eur
4 persons: 50 eur x 4 = totally 200 eur
5 persons: 45 eur x 5 = totally 225 eur
6 persons: 40 eur x 6 = totally 240 eur
7 persons: 35 eur x 7 = totally 245 eur

Price includes:
galo4ka_na_fone.webp  excursion to Curonian Spit in a comfortable car. Depending on the size of the group, it will be a comfortable 8-seater minibus, 7-seater minivan, or SUV. 
galo4ka_na_fone.webpthe work of an English-speaking local tour guide who loves his land.IMG20180803160708
galo4ka_na_fone.webptransportation service, hotel or airport pick-up & drop-off service 
drop off and pick up service alt= trip to kaliningrad                              

galo4ka_na_fone.webpenvironmental fee at the entrance to the national park Сuronian Spit 
enviromental fee curonian spit included alt=excursion_to_curonian_spit_english                               

What is not included:

galo4ka_na_fone.webpsnacks and restaurant meals,
galo4ka_na_fone.webpmuseum taxes.

What to expect from a Tour to Curonian Spit which is a top must-see for a first-timer in Kaliningrad?

Get an unforgettable impression with its windblown dunes, bright pine forest, mysterious Dancing Forest, magical museum of superstition and authentic sea side

Admire the object from UNESCO World Heritage List, which has received the global community recognition and actually is the main place to visit in Kaliningrad

Relive your dream and order an individual or join to a group excursion to the Curonian Spit from Kaliningrad accompanied by an English/Spanish speaking local professional guide.

If you are interested in tour to Curonian Spit
If you are interested in a fantastic excursion to Curonian Spit in a comfortable car you can book on this tour by:

Sending a WhatsApp message  
Hand to the knob                              Knopka WhatsApp stereo 
Easy way Hard way
Calling our On-Tour support team +7911 483-75-73.   
Also you could send an e-mail to: east-wing@mail.ru 

or via Instagram DM

tour_curonian_spit alt= excursion_kaliningrad_sightseing_2

The cosmic landscapes of the Curonian Spit resemble a fairyland. Sometimes the trip of a lifetime is closer then you think. Maybe a one-day tour Curonian Spit, which is the first thing to do in Kaliningrad, will be your trip of a lifetime. We provide excursions to Curonian Spit for individual tourists or small groups accompanied by local professional guides. We are so excited to have you in our group. All ages are welcome aboard! 
welcome_aboard_tours_curonian_spit alt= excursion_sightseeng_kaliningrad
This video from our tour to Curonian Spit was made and presented to us by @sonicbrew83, our cheerful tourist from Salt Lake City, Utah. We really appreciate you taking the time out to share your experience with us. Thanks for your awesome work, Evgeny!
Curonian spit is the visiting card of the Kaliningrad region, a favorite vacation spot for locals and guests of the Amber Region.

tours_curonian_spit alt=excursion_sightseing_kaliningrad  one_day_tour_curonian_spit_kaliningrad  alt=excursion_to_curonian_spit_kaliningrad_2
National park Curonian Spit is the smallest but the most visited national park in Russia. Hundreds of thousands of tourists annually come to the peninsula Curonian Spit to admire its unique nature and learn about the great cultural heritage because over 44 million years ago, the world's largest deposit of the succinite, also called Baltic amber, was formed just here.
                                                                   A Bit of History
Precisely here from the Curonian Spit began the Great Amber Road thousands of years ago. Тhis ancient trade Amber Route Kenigsberg-Danzig-Bratislava-Aquileia-Venice-Rimini-Rome, along which amber from the Baltic Sea was delivered to the Mediterranean Sea.

amber_road_vikings alt=excursion_curonian_spit_tour_1
Amber Beads from Baltic amber were found in the Eastern Mediterranean in the Mycenaean tombs of the XVI century. BC e. Also products from Baltic amber were found in the tomb of Tutankhamon (1400-1392 BC). In the crown of the Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamon are stones with yellow Baltic amber, surrounded by diamonds, emeralds and rubies.
amber_road_vikings alt=excursion_curonian_spit_tour 
Via the Great Amber Route, raw amber-succinite was delivered to the southern city of the Roman Empire - Aquileia. In Aquilеia there was a high technology of processing amber and jewelry was made here, which then floated to Greece, Egypt, Syria, India and other distant countries. 
amber_road_viking alt=excursion_curonian_spit_1
Map of the Great Amber Route.
In those days, the Curonian Spit consisted of a chain of islands. Now the Curonian Spit  it is a peninsula surrounded on one side by the Baltic Sea, and on the other by the Curonian Lagoon. Through the entire Curonian Spit runs a road, surrounded by a surprisingly beautiful forest. 
road_curonian_spit_tour alt=excursion_curonian_spit_3
In our time, the formation of Curonian Spit is still taking place. An example of this is that sand separated part of the bay and formed Swan Lake. 
one_day_tour_to_curonian_spit alt=excursion_to_curonian_spit_swan_lake
348 species of lichens growing on Curonian Spit indicate the cleanest air in the National Park. 
tours_curonian_spit alt= excursion_sightseeng_kaliningrad_8
To prevent tourists from trampling down the thin layer of soil formed on the sand, wooden paths are installed on all eco-routes.
one_day_tour_to_curonian_spit alt=excursion_to_curonian_spit_natural_trail_dune_efa
Excursion to curonian spit alt=one day tour in kaliningrad_ecological_trail_gull_lake

Explore the beauty of the main attraction in Kaliningrad which is the Curonian Spit and you’ll be impressed! Even though you plan to stay in this region only for a couple of days enjoy the opportunity to get a tour to Curonian Spit and you will see a 61m high sand-dune Efa, mysterious Dancing Forest, a 46m height Muller, museum of superstition, and the world's first ornithological station, founded in Rossitten (now the village of Rybachy) back in 1901 by Professor I. Tinnemann!

It is also a great idea on a hot summer day at the end of the excursion to Curonian Spit to swim in the Baltic sea. Also it is enjoyable after walking along the green paths in the forest to have lunch on the beach and feel the smell of the sea and to listen to the sound of the waves. It will be awesome relaxing day. Near the Efa hill there are best beaches in Kaliningrad region, desolate, white sandy and clean. 

tours_excursion_curonian_spit alt=sightseeng_kaliningrad_russia
 During the tour on Curonian Spit you can make many amazing photos.disc_tours_curonian_spit alt= excursion_sightseeng_kaliningrad_6
one_day_tour_to_curonian_spit alt=excursion_to_curonian_spit_baltik_sea_tree_after_storm
one_day_tour_to_curonian_spit alt=excursion_to_curonian_spit_black_baltic_cormorant
one_day_tour_to_curonian_spit alt=excursion_to_curonian_spit_efa_dune_sight
one_day_tour_to_curonian_spit alt=excursion_to_curonian_spit_evening_dune
one_day_tour_to_curonian_spit alt=excursion_to_curonian_spit_fox__wild pig_protecting_zone
one_day_tour_to_curonian_spit alt=excursion_to_curonian_spit_viking_village
one_day_tour_to_curonian_spit alt=excursion_to_curonian_spit_fox_in_winter
one_day_tour_to_curonian_spit alt=excursion_to_curonian_spit_seagulls_lake
one_day_tour_to_curonian_spit alt=excursion_to_curonian_spit_sunset_by_seashore

Since the territory of the Curonian Spit is limited, animals are already accustomed to a close neighborhood with people and are not afraid of human. Some can even ask you for a food.
lis kurshskaja kosa alt=exskursii po kurshskoj kose fox_curonian_spit_tour alt=excursion_curonian_spit wild pigs curonian spit alt=a tour to curonian spit in kalninigrad boar_curonian_spit_tour alt=excursion_curonian_spit_4

The routes of the tour to the Curonian Spit from Kaliningrad are designed so that you can get a guaranteed pleasure from meeting with nature. The excursion to the Curonian Spit is also a relief from stress, the oxygenation of the body in a coniferous forest and the ability to make many unique photos. Some tourists feel like dancing in this magic Dancing Forest on Curonian Spit. dancing_forest curonian_spit_kaliningrad tours_curonian_spit alt=excursion_sightseeing_kaliningrad_2

A short trip to Kaliningrad (Russia) and Gdansk (Poland).
(This is temporarily not possible due to the borders being closed to Russian tourists.)

Things to do and to see.
When you have a plan for a short vacation to visit Kaliningrad and Gdansk in Poland than visiting the Curonian Spit  and the Old Town in Gdansk is the most important things to do in this region. It is very convenient to go to Gdansk from Kaliningrad, since there are many buses in this direction. We can also help our tourists who would want to visit the Curonian Spit to visit Gdansk by organising transfrers Kaliningrad - Gdansk Old Town or Gdansk Lech Walesa Airport in our comfortable 8 seats minibuses.

 We also organize for tourists such short trips so that for 2 days you can see all the interesting places in the region from Kaliningrad to Gdansk
1. First day. We meet you and pick you up at the airport of Kaliningrad in Khrabrovo. 
2.Then we provide the excursion to Curonian Spit and after the tour to Curonian Spit we drop you off to your hotel. 
3. Second day. We will pick you up at your hotel to take you to Gdansk on a comfortable 8 seats airco minibus VW Crafter. Such a tour will cost 270 euros for one tourist. 
During all your tour Kaliningrad, Khrabrovo airport - Curonian Spit - your hotel - Gdansk you will be accompanied by an English-speaking driver guide.

Curonian Spit in winter time. Sightseeing, activities, Things To Do in Curonian Spit Kaliningrad in winter.
Winter does not happen harsh in Kaliningrad. Most of the winter days the temperature is kept at +5 to -5 degrees Celsius. Since the main tree on the Curonian Spit is a pine, the tours to the Curonian Spit are no less interesting than in the summer. Look at this exciting Baltic Sea in September. Just enjoy the view of these waves with an incomparable pleasure on the Curonian Spit.

Many tourists plan holidays in the cold season and would like to visit the western corner of Russia, but they doubt what to see on the Baltic coast. However, not everyone knows that the Curonian Spit, which covered mostly with evergreen pine and white dunes, is beautiful at any time of the year. All this splendor was created by nature and people for centuries. Nowadays, the landscape of the spit also requires attention from human. And for those tourists who want to contribute to the preservation of the unique nature of the Curonian Spit today, it is possible to strengthen the crumbling shore of Avandune, so that tomorrow our descendants will continue to admire the local landscapes.


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Ольга из Москвы
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Amar, New Delhy
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Денис, Настя
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Анастасия г.Чебоксары
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Amazing Place.
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Marc.van.steenvoort Antwerpen
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We had a wonderful experience at Curonian Spit)
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